Antonio Ruotolo

Associate Professor of Physics

Office Location
Innovation, Science, and Technology Building, 4700 Research Way, Room 2027A, Lakeland, FL 33805


Ph.D. in Innovative Technologies for Materials, Sensing and Imaging, University of Naples Federico II, 2006
M.S. in Bioelectronic Engineering, University of Naples Federico II, 2002
B.S. in Electronic Engineering, University of Naples Federico II, 2000


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Dr. Antonio Ruotolo joined Florida Polytechnic University as an associate professor of physics in the Department of Natural Sciences in November 2019.

He received his Laurea summa cum laude in 2002 from the University of Naples (IT) Federico II with a thesis on superconductivity, under the supervision of Prof. A. Barone. In 2003 he joined the Department of Materials Science of the University of Cambridge (UK), supported by a European exchange grant. He completed his doctorate in 2006 in Naples with a thesis on spintronics, financed by the Fiat research center. In 2007, he became a research associate of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University before receiving a Marie Curie post-doctoral fellowship in the group of the future Nobel Laureate Prof. Albert Fert in the CNRS/Thales joint laboratory in France. He joined the City University of Hong Kong in October 2009 as an assistant professor. He was promoted to associate professor with tenure in July 2015.

He has authored papers in top-tier journals, including Nature Physics, Nature Nanotechnology, and Nature Scientific Reports. He is a Senior Member of The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE).



  • Electronic materials
  • Energy materials
  • Spintronics
  • Thin-film technology
  • Nano-lithography


Professional Activities

  • Senior Member, IEEE Magnetics Society (2016-current).
  • Member, Editorial Board, Nature Scientific Reports (2012-current).
  • Member, American Nano Society (2011-current).
  • Reviewer, proposals for the Agence Nationale De La Recherche (ANR), France (2014-current).
  • Reviewer, proposals for the Australian Centre for Neutron Scattering (ANSTO) (2017-current).


Awards and Honors

  • Distinguished Lecturer, Applications of Quantum Mechanics: Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), National Chung Hsing University (Taiwan), 2017.
  • Patent, Thin-film device for detecting physical quantity, especially magnetic field, and detection method corresponding thereto, Italy: ITTO20050758 (A1), Europe: EP 1780555 (A2), USA: S2007091510 (A1), Japan: JP2007123839 (A), China: CN1955754 (A).
  • Patent, Nanostructure reluctance network and method of detecting magnetic field, Italy: ITTO20050759  (A1), Europe: EP1780554 (A2), USA: US2007090835 (A1) and US7352178 (B2), Japan: JP2007123838 (A), China: CN1955755 (A).
  • Patent, System with Magnetically Stable States and Method for Asserting Magnetically Stable State, USA: US9,224,941; China: CN103069493 (A).
  • Patent, Position and magnetic field sensors, US patent (pending) No. 15/823142 (2018).


Selected Publications

  • V. Apicella, T. A. Fasasi, S. Wang, S. Lei, and A. Ruotolo, A Multilayer Graphene/ Silicon Infrared Schottky Photo-Diode, Adv. Electron. Mater. 2019, 1900594.
  • D. Li and A. Ruotolo, Photo-induced Hall effect in metals, Sci. Rep. 8, 4372 (2018),
  • D. Li and A. Ruotolo, Photo-spin voltaic effect and photo-magnetoresistance in proximized platinum, App. Phys. Lett., vol. 111 182404 (2017),
  • A. Pruna, Q. Shao, M. Kamruzzaman, Y.Y. Li, J.A. Zapien, D. Pullini, D. Busquets Mataix, A. Ruotolo, Effect of ZnO core electrodeposition conditions on electrochemical and photocatalytic properties of polypyrrole-graphene oxide shelled nanoarrays, Appl. Surf. Sci. 392, 801 (2017),
  • Q. Shao, F. Liao, A. Ruotolo, Magnetic polaron induced enhancement of surface Raman scattering, Sci. Rep. 6, 19025 (2015),
  • X. L. Wang, Q. Shao, A. Zhuravlyova, M. He, Y. Yi, R. Lortz, J. N. Wang and A. Ruotolo, Giant negative magnetoresistance in Manganese-substituted Zinc Oxide, Sci. Rep. 5, 9221 (2015),
  • X. L. Wang, Q. Shao, P. S. Ku and A. Ruotolo, A memristive diode for neuromorphic computing, Microelectron. Eng. 138, 7 (2014),
  • X. L. Wang, C. Y. Luan, Q. Shao, A. Pruna, C. W. Leung, R. Lortz, J. A. Zapien, and A. Ruotolo, Effect of the magnetic order on the room-temperature band-gap of Mn-doped ZnO thin films, Appl. Phys. Lett. 102, 102112 (2013),
  • S. Petit-Watelot, J.-V. Kim, A. Ruotolo, R. M. Otxoa, K. Bouzehouane, J. Grollier, A. Vansteenkiste, B. Van de Wiele, V. Cros and T. Devolder, Commensurability and chaos in magnetic vortex oscillations, Nat. Phys. 8, 682 (2012),
  • A. Ruotolo, V. Cros, B. Georges, A. Dussaux, J. Grollier, C. Deranlot, R. Guillemet, K. Bouzehouane, S. Fusil, and A. Fert, Phase locking of magnetic vortices mediated by antivortices, Nat. Nanotech. 4, 528 (2009),


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