Ala’ J. Alnaser

Assistant Professor

Office Location

Innovation, Science, and Technology Building, Room 2012, 4700 Research Way, Lakeland, FL 33805



Ph.D. in Mathematics, Kansas State University, 2009

M.S. in Mathematics, Kansas State University, 2005

B.S. in Mathematics and Statistics, Jordan University of Science and Technology, 2002


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Before coming to Florida Poly, Dr. Ala’ Jamil Alnaser served as an assistant professor of mathematics at Trine University, Indiana, from January 2010 to May 2015 where his duties mainly involved teaching and service. He often utilizes instructional technologies that include MyMathLab, WebAssign, MATLAB and scientific graphing calculators. Alnaser completed his doctoral dissertation in the area of algebraic number theory and developing new methods for finding upper bounds for Waring’s number over the rational integers. From 2003 to 2009, he worked as a graduate teaching assistant at Kansas State University, where he taught many courses including College Algebra, Calculus II and III, Linear Algebra and Applied Matrix Theory.



  • Algebraic number theory
  • Mathematical pedagogy
  • Machine learning, artificial neural networks and advanced analytical techniques
  • Autonomous vehicles technology
  • Simulations and scenario generation for testing and verification


Professional Activities

  • Member, American Mathematical Society
  • Member of Advanced Mobility Institute, Florida Poly
  • Chair of the text selection committee for mathematics courses, Florida Poly
  • Chair of the mathematics hiring committee, Florida Poly


Awards and Honors

  • Robert Andrew and Anne Ewing Smith Excellence in Teaching Award in Arts and Sciences for academic year 2011-12
  • Hostinsky Outstanding Graduate Teaching Assistant in Academics Award
  • KSU Presidential Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching nomination


Selected Publications

  • “Autonomous Vehicles Scenario Testing Framework and Model of Computation” Ala’ J. Alnaser, Mustafa lhan Akbas, Arman Sargolzaei, Rahul Razdan (In Progress).
  • “Autonomous Vehicles, An In-Depth Analysis of Major Crashes and Recommended Mitigation Plans” Saleem Sahawneh, Ala’ J Alnaser, Mustafa Ilhan Akbas, Rahul Razdan and Arman Sargolzaei. The Transportation Research Board (TRB) 98th Annual Conference Proceedings (Submitted Aug. 2018).
  • “Waring Numbers For Diagonal Congruences” Ala Alnaser, Todd Cochrane, Misty Ostergaard and Craig Spencer. Rocky Mountain Journal of Mathematics (Submitted Aug. 2018).
  • “Predicting Hospital Length of Stay using Neural Networks” Thanos Gentimis, Ala’ J. Alnaser, Alex Durante, Kyle Cook, Robert Steele. International Journal of Big Data Intelligence, Inderscience Publishers (Accepted July 2018).
  • “Predicting Hospital Length of Stay using Neural Networks on MIMIC III Data” Thanos Gentimis, Ala’ J. Alnaser, Alex Durante, Kyle Cook, Robert Steele. IEEE 2017 International Conference on Big Data Intelligence and Computing (IEEE DataCom 2017).
  • “Bounds for Waring’s Number mod Pm in Number Fields” Ala Alnaser, Journal of Number Theory 133 (2013), pp. 72-82.
  • “Waring’s Problem In Number Fields” Ala Alnaser, doctoral dissertation, KSU, Dec. 2009.
  • Waring’s Number mod m” Ala Alnaser and Todd Cochrane, Journal of Number Theory (2008).



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