Nann Tucker

Visiting Assistant Professor of English

Professor Nann Tucker has more than a decade of experience as an English professor, teaching as an adjunct instructor at Warner University and at Hillsborough Community College. She has taught courses in classrooms and online.

Professor Tucker describes herself as a “self-motivated educator” with a “strong interest in helping individuals.” She has taught online English at Warner University since 2010, focusing on writing and reading skills. Professor Tucker says that being an instructor online requires “great time management and communication.” At Hillsborough Community College, she has served since 2000 as an adjunct English instructor, teaching Composition and helping students with skills they will need for a lifetime.

She holds both a master’s degree and bachelor’s degree in English from the University of South Florida. She also is seeking her associate’s degree in Human Services at Hillsborough Community College.

Professor Tucker’s pastimes are traveling, spending time with family, attending church and volunteering.