Feb. 1-2 – Faculty and staff photos

This notice appeared in the Weekly Phoenix between January 25, 2022 and January 30, 2022.

January 25, 2022

Faculty and staff are invited to sign up to have a website photo taken Feb. 1-2 in the IST Building, outside of the president’s suite. If you’re new to the University and/or have not had a University headshot taken in the last three years, please schedule an appointment.

Photos are taken at the start of each semester and posted in the Multimedia Library and on staff bio pages on our website. If you do not want your photo posted on the website, please do not have a photo taken.

To have a bio posted along with your photo, please fill out the template and submit a project request. The template and additional details are available online. Scroll down to the Employee Bios section and click the plus sign to view all information.

For more information, please contact University Relations.