Try this strategy to help with anxiety

This notice appeared in the Weekly Phoenix between February 25, 2020 and March 9, 2020.

February 25, 2020

Anxiety is common among college students. Imagery is a strategy students can use when dealing with feelings of anxiety.

Here are steps on how to use this strategy:

  1. Find a quiet (at least a quiet-ish) location where you can avoid distractions for a few minutes.
  2. Think of a favorite place that is calming for you.
  3. As you concentrate on this place in your mind, breathe slowly and use your mind to explore the location. Imagery may allow you to experience the feelings you associate with your favorite place, helping to reduce anxiety.

Strategies help, and so do professionals. Please reach out to Kristin Stokes, Campus CARE Manager, for support. You can also click here to schedule an appointment with an on-campus counselor or call 863-874-8599.