Did you see the new University website?

This notice appeared in the Weekly Phoenix between June 16, 2020 and June 29, 2020.

June 16, 2020

The much-anticipated new University website went live June 17. In addition to a brand-new design that showcases the spirit and culture of the Florida Poly community, the new website greatly improves the user experience. It features strong visuals, purposeful gradients, patterns and textures, iconography, and plenty of white space.

The updated design focuses on the outcomes and impact of a Florida Poly education by showcasing academic programs and offerings and prominently featuring faculty, staff, students, and alumni on high-level pages. The all-new architecture and streamlined navigation make the site easy to use. The site offers quick and easy access to essential information from an “I Am A” menu at the top of every page and the breadcrumb and in-page navigation make it easy for users to navigate through the site.

Even better still, the new website includes the university’s research institutes: Advanced Mobility Institute and the Florida Industrial Phosphate and Research Institute. The FIPR website has been completely rebuilt in the new site as well. The Foundation website is also being rebuilt and will go-live in the fall.

For the first time in the University’s history, the website includes representation for every academic and administrative department and is built in a content management system that will enable departmental content editors to update website content.

The launch of the website is the culmination of an 18-month project led by a website steering committee that included feedback from faculty, staff, and community members via focus groups and town hall meetings.

University Relations would like to thank the steering committee and the students who participated.

Steering Committee members:

  • Laura Neff-Henderson
  • Eric Rook
  • Holly Pennington
  • Nick Abraham
  • BenMatthew Corpus
  • Tom Dvorske
  • Kate Kaste
  • Alex Landback
  • Maggie Mariucci
  • Kathryn Miller
  • Christian Navarro
  • Melanie Schmiz
  • Shahram Taj
  • Kris Wharton

Student focus group participants:

  • Gabriela Alor
  • Elise Araiza
  • Sam Ashby
  • Angel Blasini
  • Philias Cedric
  • Juan Forero
  • Djuan Gayle
  • Bruce Hicks
  • Vamsi Hanumanthu
  • Travis Hoffman
  • Cadreeo Hudson
  • Mackenzie Helms
  • Shanika Miorana
  • Sherry Mitchem
  • Ryan Perez
  • Lindsey Schwemmin
  • Isabel Zimmerman

For more information contact Laura Neff-Henderson, director of marketing, at [email protected].