Get to know your Student Development Center

This notice appeared in the Weekly Phoenix between November 14, 2018 and November 26, 2018.

November 13, 2018

Great news! The group fitness classes and recreation events have been added to the website and mobile app under the Gym and Fitness Classes category of the Calendar and Events tab. Please check there regularly for all upcoming classes and events, and for any updates. All of the group fitness classes and events are for students, as well as for staff and faculty who are current members of the gym. Membership for staff and faculty is only $10 a month and is taken directly out of your paycheck when you sign up. This gives you access to all of the classes and events, the weight room, the lap pool, and the outdoor recreation area. Whether you’re looking to start you’re morning off with a workout before work or school, looking to get in a stretch or workout during lunch, or looking to get moving after work, there is something going on for you.

*Fun Fact: On almost all of the equipment and machines in the gym, there is a picture of how to use the machine and what muscles are being targeted. There is also a QR Code next to the pictures that, when scanned, will direct you to an instructional video tutorial of how to use that particular piece of equipment.

The Student Development Center has also started offering free personal health and fitness assessments for students, staff and faculty. Students have access to one assessment per student per semester, and staff and faculty who are current members of the gym have access to one assessment per school year.

If you are new to the gym and trying to figure out where to start, schedule a free 30-minute gym orientation to learn the basics of how to use the equipment, how to exercise safely, and what proper gym etiquette looks like.

For both the personal assessments and the gym orientations, please email Mariah Martin for more information.