Inside Workday: welcome new members to the Workday Operations team!

This notice appeared in the Weekly Phoenix between March 4, 2019 and March 10, 2019.

March 5, 2019

Enterprise Systems is pleased to announce the new members of the Workday Operations Team.  Several employees that are part of your daily work were nominated to serve.  The selection of these candidates means that you have a representative and a voice to influence change in the Workday ecosystem.  We have also added the important role of Workday Scribe to communicate approved changes to keep you in-the-know.  Please welcome:

  • Julie Ann Hudson, Workday Scribe
  • Kevin Calkins, Voting Member
  • Lisa Hinkle, Voting Member
  • Melissa Vazquez, Voting Member
  • Michele Rush, Voting Member
  • Sherri Pavlik, Voting Member
  • Zaira  Medina-Rodriquez, Voting Member

As always, if you have questions regarding Workday, please contact Workday Support by email or call 863-874-8415.