Mandatory cybersecurity training

This notice appeared in the Weekly Phoenix between September 27, 2022 and October 10, 2022.

September 27, 2022

As part of the University’s continued efforts to address the increasing threats to the security of our information systems and data, all employees, including faculty, staff, and student employees, are required to complete the annual security awareness training. This training certification is conducted between Monday, Oct. 3 and Saturday, Dec. 3, and is required annually as stated in the Mandatory Information Security Training Policy.    

Technology Services administers this training through the online portal Knowbe4.  

On and after Monday, Oct. 3, you will receive an email notification from KnowBe4 ([email protected]) explaining how to access the training through the Knowbe4 Portal. The training portal will require your current username and password. The training should take approximately 30 minutes 

We thank all members of the Florida Poly community for working together to maintain a strong and keen culture of cyber-risk awareness and strengthen our defenses against future attacks. Prevention is the best defense! 

For more information, please email the Helpdesk or call 863-874-8888.