Workday adding Trusted Devices beginning March 8

This notice appeared in the Weekly Phoenix between February 25, 2019 and March 10, 2019.

February 26, 2019

Workday has added Trusted Devices functionality as part of the Workday 32 release. This functionality helps to identify atypical sign-on behavior from unknown browsers and devices.

Starting Monday, March 8, 2019, when you log in to Workday, you will see a blue screen asking if you would like to remember the device. If this is a device you commonly use to access Workday, check the box next to Remember this Device and press submit. Otherwise, you may select Skip to continue with the login process. Please note, you may periodically see this prompt if you log in from a different web browser or new device after March 8.

We have provided a job aid with screenshots for your convenience.

As always, if you have questions regarding Workday, please contact Workday Support by email or call 863-874-8415.