Microsoft Teams meeting updates

This notice appeared in the Weekly Phoenix between January 5, 2021 and January 18, 2021.

January 5, 2021

Several exciting updates have recently rolled out to improve meetings in Microsoft Teams. Key updates include:

New meeting experience

In the future, the new meeting experience will be turned on by default, but for now, you will need to enable it in the Teams settings by selecting the “Turn on new meeting experience” option. This is required for the other new features and will make Teams launch meetings in a separate window.

Joining a meeting

First, you will notice a new meeting join experience, which makes it easier to adjust your audio and video settings prior to joining the meeting. Note: Teams will automatically mute your microphone if there are already five people in the meeting.

Breakout rooms

One of the biggest enhancements to the meeting experience is breakout rooms, which allows you to split the meeting into several smaller groups. Click here to view detailed instructions in our Knowledgebase.

Large gallery and Together Mode

From the More actions (…) menu, you can access large gallery view and Together Mode. Large gallery view supports video for up to 49 participants. Together Mode is a more engaging view that allows you to view participants in a virtual conference room. It has been updated to include a wide range of backgroundsNote: The Together Mode background is shared among all participants.

Noise suppression

Another new feature that is handy for meetings is noise suppression, which will help eliminate background noise. This is turned on by default and can be adjusted in settings.

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