Panopto video capture

This notice appeared in the Weekly Phoenix between January 22, 2019 and January 27, 2019.

January 22, 2019

Panopto video capture software is available in all IST classrooms and computer labs—and at your desk. Panopto allows you to record video, audio, presentation slides, and desktop apps; then easily edit and upload to Canvas. Read on or contact the Helpdesk for more details: [email protected] or 863-874-8888.

Panopto video capture for lectures and assignments is available in all IST classrooms and computer labs—and at your desk with a webcam and mic. No webcam? You can borrow one from the Helpdesk.

Panopto allows you to record video, audio, presentation slides, and desktop apps. You can edit captured video online and seamlessly uploaded the result to Canvas.

Everything you capture is searchable—even speech—so students can quickly find and review what they need.

During editing, you can add questions to check comprehension or include other videos to elaborate on the topic.

If you would like help with or a demonstration of Panopto, contact the Helpdesk: [email protected] or 863-874-8888.