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March 9, 2021

Seeking referrals to Presidential Ambassadors program

This notice appeared in the Weekly Phoenix between March 9, 2021 and March 15, 2021.

Presidential Ambassador recruitment for the 2021-2022 class is underway and we need your help.

Many of our student groups have faced recruiting and participation challenges this year due to COVID-19 – and the Presidential Ambassador program is no different when it comes to recruiting the 21-22 cohort. In the past, we had the benefit of a robust fall semester where new and transfer students were seeing Presidential Ambassadors in action as they served at events and gave tours to external audiences. Without that awareness, we are seeking other approaches.

We need to recruit 8-10 new students for the program – students you observe in your classrooms or other interactions – who have strong leadership skills and have great potential to represent our University with external constituents. If you know of such a student, could you reach out to them about submitting their application? We’ll be happy to tell them more about the program and answer their questions. You can also direct them to any of the current PAs or to our recruitment coordinator, Maggie Delgado.

To learn more about this prestigious leadership program for students, please visit our webpage. The deadline to apply to the program is March 19, so this is an urgent need.


Submitted By:

Kim Abels