Spring protocols – Message to students

This notice appeared in the Weekly Phoenix between December 15, 2020 and December 28, 2020.

December 15, 2020

Dear Students:

Looking back on the fall semester I am grateful to the Florida Poly community for rising to the challenge presented by the pandemic and successfully completing a healthy, productive semester. We all owe a special thank you to each faculty member for their effort that moved instruction to the FLEX modality or the online environment this fall. We have all learned a lot this semester, and we are all ready for and need this winter break. Please enjoy this time.

As we look forward to Spring 2021 semester, new protocols have been established. These changes are designed to further promote a healthy campus environment and engage all students in the Florida Poly campus experience.

Spring 2021 protocols include:

  • All students, faculty, and main campus staff are expected to test for COVID-19 in preparation for the start of the spring semester.
    • Students are asked to test prior to returning to campus.
  • Course modalities have been updated, increasing face-to-face learning.
  • New expectations for in-person class attendance have been set. Students are expected to attend to Face-to-Face classes on-campus and in-person, and at least ½ of the Flex modality classes on-campus and in-person.
    • Students will need to choose an “attendance group” which will set the days they will attend Flex classes in person. On Tuesday, Jan. 5, we will provide further information on how students “register” for an attendance group.

Many of the detailed questions you may have are answered in Blueprint for Returning to Campus (Spring Semester 2021), and additional email communications will be provided between now and the first week in January. Please check your Florida Poly email regularly.

I ask that all students spend time familiarizing themselves with the Spring 2021 protocols. Each protocol balances necessary precautions to keep the campus healthy, while continuing the University’s commitment to excellence in education.

I’m looking forward to a successful and healthy spring semester. Once again, please enjoy a well-deserved holiday break.

All the best,

Terry Parker

Executive Vice President and Provost