The nominees are in

This notice appeared in the Weekly Phoenix between January 29, 2019 and February 4, 2019.

January 29, 2019

We extend congratulations to the following employees who have been nominated for one of the annual Ablaze employee awards! The nominee list is as follows:


Cindy Alexander
Edwina “Winnie” Hall
Kate Beamon
Kevin Calkins
Makala Quinn
Melissa Pare
Melissa Vazquez
Ryan Darley
Sesha Srinivasan
Sherri Pavlik


Dr. Ala J. Alnaser
Dr. Arman Sargolzaei
Dr. Bradford Towle
Dr. C. Wylie Lenz
Dr. Christian Navarro
Dr. Christina Drake
Dr. Harish Chintakunta
Dr. Jared Bunn
Dr. Kanwalinderjit Gagneja
Dr. Muhammad Ullah
Dr. Mustafa Ilhan Akbas
Dr. Navid Khoshavia Najafabadi
Dr. Robert Austin
Dr. Robert Green
Dr. Ryan Integlia
Dr. Shoaib Shaikh
Dr. Susan LeFrancois
Dr. Timothy Shedd
Dr. Victoria Astley


Dr. Kanwalinderjit Gagneja
Dr. Karim Elish
Dr. Luis Jaimes
Dr. Muhammad Ullah
Dr. Patrick Zhang
Dr. Suleiman Alsweiss


Andrew Strazi
Aaron Medley
Ashley Siragusa
Brian Birky
Carrie Mann and Lissa Pare (a.k.a. Carlissa)
Debbie Angleton
Edwina Hall
Erin Wenham
Gary Albarelli
Jhojana Infante
John Causey
Jorge Velazquez
Karen Urnaitis
Kate Beamon
Kristin Stokes
Laura Marrone
Lidia Vigil
Lisa Hinkle
Liz Shea
Malysavanh Birky
Marketing Team
Michelle Powell
Renee Allen
Shannon Medley
Sherri Pavlik
Stephen Horner
Tommie Jackson
University Relations
Zaira Medina-Rodriguez

Thank you to all who submitted nominations and for extending meaningful appreciation to your colleagues.

SAVE THE DATE: Ablaze Employee Awards Dinner, Wednesday, April 17, 4-6 p.m.